What is the best rubber flooring for home gyms?

What is the best rubber flooring for home gyms?

A home gym has all kinds of benefits, it is convenient, saves money on gas and monthly  memberships, saves time and is a safe, clean way to workout.  By investing in a home gym, gym closures and limited occupancy as your regular work-out spots will be a worry of the past.

 Now that you have decided to transform that garage or spare space into a home gym, it is important that you select the correct flooring.  The most popular flooring choice for home gyms is rubber - which is simply because rubber tile flooring is hands down the best type of flooring for gyms.  Almost all commercial gyms all use rubber tiles, which is exactly why you would want nothing less for your very own home gym.  Let’s explore some reasons WHY gym flooring is the best flooring for home gyms;

Are Rubber Floor Tiles Durable?  

Unlike many other materials, rubber can handle heavy machinery, weights and intense wear and tear.  Rubber has the durability to remain intact and still continue to perform as a safe and comfortable flooring.  Our Genaflex Pro Tile is our thickest, most durable tile, with a thickness of 1 inch, it offers unrivaled support and cushioning for a multitude of different exercises.

 Does Rubber Gym Flooring Offer Protection?  

Rubber flooring provides a protective barrier between you, your equipment and your flooring.   In particular, soft wood can be vulnerable to dents from heavy free weights and stone tiles can easily crack.  Rubber gym flooring protects the flooring below so that damage and costly repairs can be avoided.  The thickness of tile you choose to protect your flooring will depend on your workout.  The Genaflex Lite Tile is a modern, interlocking tile that is perfect for dancing, aerobics, yoga and more.  If your workout involves heavy lifting, such as cross fit or free weights, then you would want a thicker tile like our Genaflex Pro.

 Are Rubber Gym Tiles Easy to Install?

All of our gym tiles are fast and easy to install, another reason why rubber gym flooring is the best choice for home gyms.  Our interlocking tiles; The Genaflex Lite Tile and the Genaflex Lock Rubber Tile can be effortlessly installed without any glue.  This makes them a go-to choice for customers looking for something that requires minimal effort to install with zero installation costs.  The Genaflex Roll is also super easy to install and doesn't require any glue.

 Is Rubber the Best Flooring for Soundproofing my Gym?

Yes, the nature of rubber is that it is shock absorbent; it absorbs the vibrations and impacts of machinery and weights and so reduces noise.  This is great news for those who like to turn up the volume on their music during their workouts and classes too, as rubber tiles mean you do so without disturbing the rest of your house or the neighbors!

 What is the Best Gym Flooring for Easy Maintenance and Flooring?

No more worrying about sweat and dirt ruining your floors – a quick mop or vacuum will do the trick. Rubber floor tiles are stain resistant and can be easily cleaned by wiping them clean or mopping them with mild detergent. Rubber is non porous so it does not absorb any spills or sweat and spillages will not damage the integrity of your gym rubber flooring.  All of our rubber gym flooring is easy to clean.  Plus, should any weights or equipment fall on the floor, there’s no risk of damage as rubber is very tough and durable.

So, it is easy to see why rubber floor tiles are the best flooring for home gyms.  Not only does rubber flooring provide the necessary functions for home gym flooring but it also emulates the feeling of the home gym.  All of our rubber gym surfacing is available in classic colorful fleck fade-free designs, providing that iconic commercial gym aesthetic in your own home.  

It is also important to remember that rubber gym flooring is easy to install and can be done so by anyone with basic DIY skills.  There are no special tools or knowledge required, making it a perfect choice for those who want to get their home gym up and running quickly and easily.

If you have any questions about our rubber floor tiles, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be more than happy to help.