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Black/light blueBlack/tanBlack/greySolid black

Genaflex Lite

Interlocking Easy to cut to any shape and size
from $2.2 per sq. ft.
Black/tanSolid blackBlack/light blueBlack/grey

Genaflex Lock

Laminated coating with end and corner tiles for a complete finish
from $3.5 per sq. ft.
Black/terra cottaBlack/light blueBlackBlack/tanBlack/grey

Genaflex Roll

Seamless Commercial Grade Mats
from $3.5 per sq. ft.
Black/light blueBlack/tanBlack/greySolid black

Genaflex Pro

Superior Soundproofing and shock absorbency
from $4.3 per sq. ft.
BlackGreenBlueGreyTerra cotta

Genaflex 1''

Indoor/Outdoor use with High Density - Sound Dampening
from $4.6 per sq. ft.

Genaflex Max

Indoor and outdoor use with an Impenetrable Underlayer
from $10 per sq. ft.