Genaflex Roll - 15% EPDM - Commercial Quality

Genaflex Rubber Surfacing Roll - Commercial Quality


Black/Terra Cotta
Black/Light Blue
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  • Multi-purpose rubber surfacing provides a safe, supportive foundation for any exercise space
  • Perfect for accommodating weight lifting, martial arts, cheerleading, dancing, yoga, and much more
  • Classic colorful fleck fade-free aesthetic provides that iconic commercial gym look for any area
  • Stain-resistant, non-slip properties protect against energy drink spills, deep down sweat, dirt, and more while ensuring a stable workout surface
  • Specially designed to reduce noise, vibration, and impact from intense training sessions, making it ideal for any gym space
  • Engineered from recycled rubber for lightweight versatility and underfoot comfort
  • 15% EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
  • Recommended for placement over solid surfaces; not designed for use on top of plush unstable grounding

Versatile, wholesale rolled Genaflex is the most prominent discount rubber surfacing on the market. Made popular by commercial gyms, this multi-purpose mat flooring is crafted from recycled rubber and specifically engineered to reduce sound reverberation and minimize vibration transmission on concrete, wood frame, and metal deck construction. Used as the foundation for most spin classes, cardio rooms, and other boot camp boutiques, this iconic practical rubber flooring is perfect for facilitating any exercise, from traditional weight lifting to bodyweight circuit training. Soft, forgiving flooring provides comfortable support for burpees, pushups, and other ground-oriented movements while its anti-fatigue design reduces impact and compression during intense workout sessions. Non-slip properties make it perfect for walkways or high foot traffic areas while its waterproof, stain-resistant coating protects against embedded sweat and spilled pre-workouts, intra-workout formulas, and protein drinks. Colorful fleck detail provides a subtle touch of style, giving any flooring that classic commercial gym look. Simple roll out design can be trimmed and is easy to install. Ideal for any gym owner, gym owner on a budget who is looking to adapt to outdoor exercising, or new home gym owner looking for a reliable foundation.



  • Easy to install; simply roll out desired footage, trim, and place for seamless application
  • Wipe clean for care & maintenance
  • Each individual roll measures 4 'x 20' x 8mm and covers up to 80 sq. ft.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty