What are the Different Types of Home Gyms and What Flooring Is Right For You

What are the Different Types of Home Gyms and What Flooring Is Right For You

So, you have made the decision to install a home gym, but now it’s time to consider what type of home gym so that you can choose the most suitable flooring.  It is important to think about what type of workout you will mostly be doing?  Will you be using heavy equipment?  Is your equipment noisy?  

Considering the use of your home gym is going to play an integral role when it comes to deciding which tiles you will want to install.  This guide will take a deeper look into the most popular type of home gym workouts and which tiles should be used for each

Which Flooring Should I Use for My Weightlifting Gym?

Weightlifting is typically for those who use their workouts to change their body shape, bulk up or build strength.  Workouts are intense and use heavy duty equipment from large machinery to heavy free weights.  The floor of the gym can take a beating, particularly when weights are dropped during deadlifts or free weights fall off their shelf.  Protecting your existing flooring with a durable gym tile like Genaflex Pro or the Genaflex 1’ tile is highly recommended.  The Genaflex 1’ tile also has the benefit of sound dampening your home gym thanks to its durability and thickness.

Weightlifting gyms are popular for anyone training for a bodybuilding or strongman.  It can take hours per day of training to prepare for these competitions, so a resilient tile like the Genaflex 1’ is ideal.  It is shock and dent proof and can withstand intense wear and tear caused by regular weight drops.

Can I use Rubber Tile Flooring for my Yoga Studio/Gym?

Yoga studios and gyms are dedicated to the practice of different styles of yoga that mostly focus on mental and physical relaxation, flexibility and breathing.  Many people enjoy yoga for the calming effect that they feel afterwards, the breathing exercises are focused on mental and physical relaxation.   Yoga moves are intended to improve flexibility and elongate muscles, often resulting in increased strength, stability and overall tone.

Yoga is a low impact workout that requires minimal equipment.  Typically a yoga class will involve the mat and maybe some light weights or bands.  The Genaflex Lite or Genaflex Lock Tiles are great options for a home yoga studio, the interlocking design of the tile makes it easy to install whilst offering great support.  It has a non-slip surface that holds up to sweat and drink spills and so provides a stable workout surface.  

How Can I Do CrossFit in My Home Gym?

CrossFit consists of high intensity, high impact interval training that is not for the faint of heart.  CrossFit regulars are typically in excellent shape as the workout involves building strength and stamina.  Some typical equipment that you would find in a CrossFit gym include medicine balls, jump ropes, dumbbells and even truck tires!  Choosing a heavy duty gym tile like the Genaflex Pro that will protect the floor and can withstand high impact weight drops and machinery will be a must.  CrossFit is an excellent choice if building muscle, strength and physical endurance are your main workout goals.

CrossFit gyms have a high energy, high volume atmosphere - loud music with a heavy bass is the go-to sound track for any CrossFitter.  The Genaflex Pro is also super absorbent for noise and vibrations.

What Tiles Should I Choose for Dancing & Cheerleading?

Dance classes in gyms will typically focus on one form of dance, whether it be a style that improves flexibility or a high energy routine, the range of movements will improve cardiovascular health.  Overall balance, strength and coordination will improve and classes will be fun and rewarding as the style is mastered.

With a focus on the right posture and steps rather than equipment, the Genaflex Lite or Genaflex Lock Tiles are an excellent choice.  These tiles are easy to install and have a non-slip surface which is naturally a key feature when working on dance steps.  The laminated coating of the Genaflex Lock tiles offer a smooth and consistently clean surface with superior floor traction and grip.

What Rubber Tile would be best for Aerobics Workout in my Home Gym?

Aerobics are usually a high energy, high intensity workout that focus on overall fitness and cardiovascular health.  Classes may combine a variety of activities from dance to martial arts to strength training.  The workouts can vary and may or may not include cardio equipment such as stair masters and ellipticals.  Finding a tile to handle both equipment as well as floor work and light weights is easy as there are several options for this type of home gym.  The Genaflex Roll is an easy to install rubber tile flooring that will accommodate everything you need for an aerobics home gym and provides a safe, supportive foundation whilst looking smart with its seamless appearance.

The advantage of an aerobics home gym is that there is plenty of potential to vary workouts and increase/decrease difficulty according to individual goals.  Aerobics and cardio focused workouts are typically paired with music to help energize and motivate participants.  An effective sound-dampening tile is the Genaflex Pro tile has superior floor traction and shock absorption - a great option for an aerobics home gym.

What Thickness Tile Works Best for Pilates?

Pilates has become one of the most popular workouts in recent years with its focus on strengthening the core whilst practicing mindfulness and breathing.  This combination of both physical and mental exercise means that many people who enjoy a variety of different workouts will also try to include Pilates in their weekly or monthly training schedule.  Pilates is a low impact exercise that, similarly to yoga, is usually done in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, so the Genaflex Lite Tile and the Genaflex Lock Tile offer enough support and cushioning to provide a great home Pilates studio floor.  Pilates regulars will notice an improvement in alignment, flexibility and concentration.

Pilates can easily be done in a home gym with minimal equipment, most often usually a mat and bands or lightweights.  Reformer Pilates uses one large Reformer machine which can also be utilized in your home gym and would work well with the Genaflex 1’ tile or Genaflex Pro tile to provide the extra thickness to protect your flooring.

So whether your home gym will just be for one type of workout or a variety, choosing the right tiling is as important as buying your equipment and will play a major role in protecting your floor!  Don’t be tempted to go for the least expensive option, as you learned above the intensity of your workout and heaviness of your equipment are what you need to consider.

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