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Where can I use rubber surfacing?

Rubber Surfacing is a versatile multi-purpose mat flooring that  is crafted from recycled rubber and specifically engineered to reduce sound reverberation and minimize vibration transmission on concrete, wood frame, and metal deck construction.  Some common applications include:

- Playgrounds

- Driveways

- Garage Floors

- Exercise Rooms

- Gym Floors

- Dance Floors

- Pathways

- Indoor & Outdoor

- And Many More

What are the advantages of rubber surfacing?

Rubber surfacing has many benefits that other surfaces simply cannot match. Here are just a few of the many advantages of our high performance rubber surfacing options:

- Stain-resistant

- Non-slip properties

- Reduce noise & vibrations

- Long lasting

- Easy maintenance

- Non toxic

- Underfoot comfort

- Simple installation

- And much more

What exercises can you do on rubber surfacing?

Used as the foundation for most spin classes, cardio rooms, and other boot camp boutiques, this iconic practical rubber flooring is perfect for facilitating any exercise. Here is just a partial list of activities that can be performed on rubber surfacing:

- Yoga

- Spin classes

- Cardio workout

- Burpees

- Pushups

- Martial arts

- Dancing

- Cheerleading

- And much more