How expensive is rubber gym flooring?

How expensive is rubber gym flooring?

Rubber gym flooring remains in high demand as the trend for home gyms continues.  Not only is a home gym practical, convenient and safe, but once it has been installed you will be saving on those monthly gym memberships and likely be using it a lot more than the one that you have to drive to!

Rubber gym flooring comes in a variety of styles, sizes and thicknesses.  The type of workouts that you do in your home gym will ultimately determine which one of our styles you choose, as will the cost.

Is rubber flooring expensive?

Rubber flooring is a relatively inexpensive type of flooring, particularly in comparison to other materials.  Rubber flooring is loved for its durability, which can certainly reduce cost over time, particularly when using heavy weights and bulky equipment. 

Our rubber flooring also acts as a protector for your existing flooring.  Expensive hardwood and stone flooring can cost a small fortune to replace, so rubber flooring is an excellent way to save on potential damage.

How much does a rubber gym floor cost?

When it comes to calculating the cost of your new rubber gym flooring there are a number of variables to take into consideration.  The cost of any rubber flooring will change based upon thickness, size, and the quality of the material.  Commercial gym flooring can range vastly in price from retailer to retailer.

We currently offer 4 types of rubber gym flooring, with at least one sure to meet all of your gym needs.  Our prices start from $2.20/sq. ft. and go up to $4.30/sq. ft. and the good news is that all of our gym tiles are fast and easy to install yourself, so you will save money on labor costs.

What is the Cost of Rubber Tiles?

Our 3 most popular rubber tiles are the Genaflex Lite, Genaflex Lock and Genaflex Pro Tile.

  • The Genaflex Lite is our least expensive tiling option and is the most suitable for weight lifting, wrestling, yoga, martial arts, cheerleading, dancing, yoga and more.  Thanks to its easy interlocking design, the Lite can be easily cut into any shape and size to fit your room.
  • The Genaflex Pro tile is priced at $4.30/sq. ft. and it is our most durable flooring available, making it the perfect floor surface for any serious gym.  It also provides unrivaled shock absorbency and sound proofing as well as being shock and dent proof.
  • The Genaflex Lock tile is priced at $3.51/sq. ft. and is a modern interlocking tile that offers unrivaled support and cushioning for a variety of different exercise spaces.

Is Rolled Rubber Mat Flooring Expensive?

The Genaflex Roll comes in individual rolls measuring 4' x 20' x 8mm and covers up to 80 sq. ft. and starts at $3.50 / sq. ft.  Mats provide an excellent stable and supportive flooring solution that is durable enough for heavy weights and training sessions and just like the tiles, they also can be cut and tailored to any space.

Although it can often be tempting to select the least expensive option, it may not be the most suitable for your needs.  That is why it is important to do your research and choose the rubber flooring that is best suited to your workouts and lifestyle.