Setting a safe, solid foundation is essential for any commercial gym or home gym. Keep your budget in mind and decide where you’ll require discount wholesale rubber surfacing; whether it’s outdoor, a spare room, a garage, or basement. Determine how much support or padding your flooring will need; whether it’s extra impact-proofing for heavy weights, cushioned comfort for plyometrics, or sturdy resilience for olympic lifting. Select a feature that will enhance functionality; whether it’s waterproof, interlocking, or an easy-to-install design. Finally, choose an aesthetic, from tiles, mats, or a roll, and a style that’ll suit your space and match your vision.

Playsafer tile is the newest addition to our family of playground safety surfacing solutions. Made from a shock absorbing resilient rubber formula, Playsafer Tile has been designed as a cost-effective solution for all playground applications. Our interconnecting dowel system makes installation quick and simple over hard surfaces or a prepared stone base. Playsafer tiles looks great, provide excellent fall protection, are extremely durable and require no daily maintenance. Rubber playground tiles ensure a safe and fun time at the playground.