Genaflex Pro Tile

Genaflex Pro Tile

Superior soundproofing and shock absorbency gym tiles


Total Tiles Needed
Include recommended 5% overage
Black/Light BlueBlack/Light Blue
Solid BlackSolid Black


Tiles needed

  • Each tile measures 20" x 20" x 1" and covers 2.7 sq. ft.
  • Heavy-duty rubber gym tile provides the ultimate floor surface for any serious gym
  • Recommended for indoor spaces only
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Product Information
  • Heavy-duty rubber gym tile provides the ultimate floor surface for any serious gym
  • Recommended for indoor spaces only
  • Perfect for accommodating weightlifting, aerobics, wrestling, yoga, dancing, and much more
  • Choose from the solid black color or other classic colorful fleck fade-free aesthetics to deliver that iconic commercial gym look
  • Laminated coating offers a smooth, consistently clean surface while still providing superior floor traction and grip for demanding workout routines
  • Stain-resistant, non-slip properties protect against energy drink spills, deep down sweat, dirt, and more while providing a stable workout surface
  • Engineered for superior resilience, noise, vibration, and impact absorption from even the most intense workout sessions
  • Shock and dent-proof design withstands weight drops from deadlifts and overhead press as well as other consistent wear and tear
  • Odor-free formulation makes these mats the perfect alternative to popular Horse Stall mats
  • Anti-static and anti-slip properties reduce electric charge from friction while delivering a safe, stable surface to engage in a variety of demanding physical activities 
  • Crafted of high-density, high-impact rubber for lightweight versatility, underfoot comfort, and exceptional durability
  • 15% EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
  • Simple DIY glue-down installation (installation supplies and tools not included)
  • Wipe clean or mop with mild detergent for maintenance & cleaning purposes
  • Each tile measures 20" x 20" x 1" and covers up to 2.7 sq. ft.
  • Title recommendations:
    1. - 20 tiles cover up to 54 sq. ft.
    2. - 40 tiles cover up to 108 sq. ft.
    3. - 60 tiles cover up to 162 sq. ft.
    4. - 120 tiles cover up to 324 sq. ft.
    5. - 180 tiles cover up to 486 sq. ft.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • All pallets over 400 lbs. receive glue
  • Can be installed over plush carpet



Transform any interior space into a legitimate gym establishment with the addition of the resilient Genaflex Pro Laminated Gym Tile. Engineered from fortified rubber, this impressive dent-proof rubber surfacing delivers a sturdy, stable, heavy-duty foundation to absorb the impact and noise from vigorous exercise routines, including olympic lifting, powerlifting, crossfit, and more. Designed with fitness athletes and heavy-lifters in mind, this high-impact, high-density rubber surfacing is strategically crafted to withstand bangs, thumps, thwacks, and weight dropping so you can give it your all, each and every workout. Bolstered support and anti-fatigue components provide exceptional underfoot comfort and relief from intense plyometric movements, floor exercises, and strenuous compound lifts, easing compression and volume influence from intense WODs. Specially crafted with water-proof and stain-resistant properties and finished with a premium laminate coating, this unrivaled rubber surfacing is designed to resist moisture build-up from sweltering workout sessions and spilled intra and pre-workout formulas, ensuring a consistently clean exercise surface and years of long-lasting use. Boasting unparalleled anti-static and anti-slip elements to deliver sufficient traction and reduce electric charge, which occurs from swift contortion and friction, delivering a safe, comfortable exercise environment so you can focus solely on your workout. Reinforced rubber easily supports heavy exercise equipment. DIY glue-down installation is simple and can be completed in a reasonable time frame. Choose from a solid black color or a variety of classic commercial gym fleck colors. Economical design is a no-brainer for any gym owner. Recommended for any crossfit box, strongman gym, or any facility or home gym that’s going to engage in serious exercise routines and regimens.

 Other Uses: Aerobics, Cheer leading, Home Gyms, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Yoga, Weight Rooms, Dance, Kitchen, Basement, Ballet, Anti Fatigue.