Playsafer Rubber Playground Tile 1'' (Up to a 4’ Fall Height Protection)

Playsafer Rubber Playground Tile 1'' (Up to a 4’ Fall Height Protectio


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  • 2.5' fall height protection on a concrete base, 4' fall height protection on a stone base
  • Supportive rubber playground tiles facilitate a safer environment for rambunctious children
  • Parent-approved 4’ Fall Protection Height makes bumps and falls less severe for playful children
  • Preferred for parks, rec spaces, and personal playgrounds for its exceptional safety rating
  • Warm, lively color turns any outdoor space into a fun play area for children
  • Timeless rubber tiles provide a clean, seamless look that enhances the look of any playground
  • 1” rubber thickness offers sufficient shock-absorption to minimize the impact of common playground falls
  • Even boxed underside delivers ample support and impact reduction
  • Superior traction helps keep kids grounded and safe from slips
  • Durable model offers the perfect alternative to common concrete or asphalt layouts, ensuring children stay safe while still having fun
  • Water-permeable properties protect rubber integrity from harsh weather conditions and other potential damaging elements
  • Engineered from eco-friendly resilient rubber to absorb bumps and falls while providing cushioned comfort for running, jumping, adventure-seeking kids
  • Sustainable recycled rubber material
  • Interconnected dowel system makes installation quick and easy
  • Simple DIY glue-down installation (adhesive glue and dowels included)
  • For installation over grass or dirt, a 3"- 4"crushed stone base is recommended 
  • Easy-to-clean design offers hassle-free maintenance
  • Each tile measures 20" x 20" x 1" and covers up to 2.7 sq. ft.

Facilitate a safer play environment for children with the installation of the superior safety-rated Playsafer Rubber Playground Tile. The perfect alternative to cement or asphalt grounding, these supportive yet durable playground tiles are engineered from sustainable and resilient recycled rubber for exceptional shock-absorption and comfort, keeping kids safer and minimizing the impact of common playground bumps, slips, and falls. Parent-approved design features a supportive underfoot and impressive traction, offering a cushioned grounding while still delivering outstanding traction, keeping kids on their feet while they run, jump, and play. UV-resilient tiles with water-permeable properties withstand harsh outdoor conditions, persistent rain, and beading sunlight while still delivering long-lasting color and years of usage. Easy-to-clean model offers low-maintenance convenience; simply hose off. Choose from an assortment of warm, welcoming colors to create a wonderful play area, rec space, or personal playground. Innovative interconnected dowel system provides quick, easy installation and comes with adhesive glue and dowels for seamless fitting. A safer play space starts with the right flooring and with these affordable rubber tiles, you’ll no longer have an excuse to not provide the best in playground surfacing.

  • Tile pallet recommendations:
    • 20 rubber playground tile pallet covers approximately 54 sq. ft.
    • 40 rubber playground tile pallet covers approximately 108 sq. ft.
    • 60 rubber playground tile pallet covers approximately 162 sq. ft.
    • 100 rubber playground tile pallet covers approximately 275 sq. ft.
    • 180 rubber playground tile pallet covers approximately 500 sq. ft.
  • Custom quantities are available (contact us directly for requests)
  • Border/edge piece measures 20” x 2.75” x 1” H and completes any playground layout for a cohesive look (sold separately)
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty



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