Genaflex Max

Genaflex Max High Impact Vulcanized Rubber Floor Tile


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  • Exceptional heavy-duty durable rubber surfacing delivers unheard of underfoot comfort, support, and stability for all exercise routines
  • Suitable surfacing for ANY and ALL activities, from strongman to CrossFit and anything in between; this fortified rubber surfacing can handle anything
  • Crafted with 1000 pyramid-shaped stabilizing pedestals which help to interdependently balance impact load and deliver unprecedented resilience
  • Textured, high-gloss, slip-resistant finish provides a polished presentation and a seamless appearance while ensuring a consistently clean surface without sacrificing traction
  • Engineered for impressive noise and vibration absorption, minimizing impact and reducing reverberation from yells, grunts, drops, and other common gym associated sounds
  • Vulcanized non-porous reinforced rubber surfacing
  • Unbelievable shock and dent-proof properties protect the integrity of the mats from high-impact, bumps, thumps, and heavy barbell drops
  • Odor-free model makes these mats the perfect alternative to popular Horse Stall mats
  • Crafted of high-density, high-impact rubber for lightweight versatility, bolstered support, and exceptional longevity for the ultimate convenience
  • Lightweight, maneuverable design can be reconfigured or relocated
  • Channel wire and under cables provide a stable foundation and easy installation
  • Innovative rubber surface requires little maintenance; simply wipe or mop for cleaning purposes

    Experience the premium functionality and unrivaled quality of the heavy-duty Genaflex Max Vulcanized Rubber Floor Tile. Exclusively designed to transform any space into a world-class gym, this impressive surfacing is engineered from reinforced non-porous rubber, providing an unbelievably durable, resilient, supportive, and comfortable foundation to handle any exercise routine and hold heavy exercise equipment. Supreme vulcanized manufacturing process creates a fortified rubber surface like never before. Unbelievable high-grade, high-impact flooring is strategically crafted with 1000 pyramid-shaped textured stabilizing pedestals which function interdependently to precisely balance impact load. Boasting mind-blowing collision resistance as well as sound and vibration absorption, this unprecedented design withstands intense bumps, thwacks, and heavy barbell drops with no influence or marking, rendering this flooring optimal for any legit crossfit box, strongman gym, or powerlifting establishment. Cushioned underfoot comfort provides relief from compression and support for heavy-lifting. Textured, high-gloss, slip-resistant finish ensures a pristine look that maintains superior traction so individuals can execute Olympic lifts with confidence. Ingenious design can be reconfigured or relocated based on need while channel wire and under cables ensure a secure, stable, uncompromised surface. Lighter, odor-free deluxe rubber makes these mats preferred over heavy stall mats while its unreal low price helps commercial gym owners or new home gym owners save major money while still enjoying high-quality flooring. Clean, modern model provides a seamless appearance, giving your exercise space a polished look. Recommended for any higher-end gym or newly renovated home gym space to ensure your workouts are never limited based on safety or potential floor damage. Go harder with this innovative rubber floor tiling. 

    Our engineered under-layer is where the real performance is unleashed. Genaflex Max has been uniquely designed with over 1000 pyramid-shaped, stabilizing pedestals that act inter-dependently to precisely balance impact load. This design feature provides key benefits that all performance floors aspire to, including; impact resistance, sound and vibration dampening properties, and unrivaled resilience. In short, Genaflex Max is tough enough to take anything you can throw at it, but resilient enough to be used in cardio and group fitness settings.

    • Each floor tile measures 24" x 24" x 1" and covers up to 4 sq. ft.
    • Tile pallet recommendations:
      • 20 rubber floor tiles cover approximately 80 sq. ft.
      • 40 rubber floor tiles cover approximately 160 sq. ft.
      • 60 rubber floor tiles cover approximately 240 sq. ft.
      • 100 rubber floor tiles cover approximately 400 sq. ft.
    • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty