Genaflex Lock - 15% EPDM Laminated

Genaflex Lock Laminated Rubber Floor Tile


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  • Modern interlocking rubber surfacing tiles offer unrivaled support and cushioning for a variety of different exercise spaces
  • Perfect for accommodating weight lifting, wrestling, yoga, martial arts, cheerleading, dancing, yoga, and much more
  • Classic colorful fleck fade-free aesthetic delivers that iconic commercial gym look for any area
  • Laminated coating offers a smooth, consistently clean surface while still providing superior floor traction and grip for intense “no-holding-back” exercising
  • Stain-resistant, non-slip properties protect against energy drink spills, deep down sweat, dirt, and more while providing a stable workout surface
  • Specially engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and impact from strenuous training sessions, making it ideal for use as gym flooring
  • Dent-proof design withstands weight drops and other wear and tear
  • Crafted of recycled rubber for lightweight versatility and underfoot comfort
  • 15% EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
  • Interlocking design offers quick, effortless installation (glue down installation not required)
  • Sufficient teethed borders allow for an easier, more secure connection to ensure solid floor surfacing
  • Wipe clean or mop with mild detergent for maintenance & cleaning purposes

    Revered for its seamless installation, practical interlocking design, and sufficient cushioning, the multi-purpose Genaflex Lock Laminated Tile has become a staple in home gyms, basement workout spaces, and spare bedroom exercise set-ups around the world. Crafted of dent-proof premium recycled rubber and specially designed to absorb impact and minimize floor damage from demanding workouts, such as weightlifting, plyometrics, and other intense exercise regimens while absorbing noise and ground vibration. Durable yet supportive, this special rubber surfacing offers a superior foundation for a variety of exercise programs and is fortified to hold heavy exercise equipment and withstand barbell drops from overhead, ensuring stability and floor protection. Modern engineered design offers stain and water-resistance, protecting against sweat pooling, spilled sports drinks, and any other gym-associated messes while its anti-fatigue properties provide bolstered underfoot comfort to ease compression and impact from demanding workout sessions; perfectly comfortable for lying on after an intense WOD to catch your breath. Advanced laminate coating offers superior traction for vigorous floor exercises, including burpees and plyometrics while minimizing dirt and dust build-up, ensuring a pristine surface for years of lasting use. Ample puzzled edges provide a hasslefree, secure interlocking installment, allowing gym owners to precisely fit particular space layouts and purchase exact sq. footage for quick, easy installation (glue down installation not required). Classic fleck coloring delivers that iconic commercial gym look that will transform any space into your own personal home gym. The economic design allows new owners on a budget to tile their entire space with commercial gym quality rubber surfacing without breaking the bank.

    • Each tile measures 20" x 20" x 8mm and covers up 2.7 sq. ft.
    • Title pallet recommendations:
      • 30 tiles per pallet covers up to 81 sq. ft.
      • 60 tiles per pallet covers up to 162 sq. ft.
      • 100 tiles per pallet covers up to 270 sq. ft.
      • 200 tile pallet covers up to 540 sq. ft.
      • 400 tile pallet covers up to 1,080 sq. ft.
    • Corner and edge pieces make it easy to fit any room’s layout for precise placement around tight corners and close edges (sold separately)
    • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

     Other Uses: Aerobics, Cheerleading, Home Gyms, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Yoga, Weight Rooms, Garage, Trailer, Dance, Kitchen, Basement, Ballet, Anti Fatigue.